The formation of the area east of Kamares took place within the framework of a tender announced by the Municipality of Kavala. The main concern of the proposal was the unification of the fragmented outdoor space and the promotion of the historical and cultural identity of the intervention area. The area is surrounded by places with particular historical, functional and cultural value for the city of Kavala (eastern sea front, shipyard, peninsula of Panagia, Sou-giolou district, modern commercial center). An attempt was made to change the scattered small urban gaps in entrance areas, which will receive the passages from the surrounding urban landscape and channel them to the new square formed in front of Kamares. This new urban square would be the intermediate place of transition from one spatial unit to another and would connect the eastern districts of the city, through the coastal front and the shipyard, with its commercial historical center. The intermediate empty space would highlight in the best possible way the Kamares and the remarkable buildings of the recent past (tobacco warehouses) of the city. The qualities of this spatial unity would lead to the upgrading of the area and the creation of a new pole of attraction in the center of Kavala.

Entry in a Panhellenic Architectural Competition
Client : Municipality of Kavala
Location : Kavala
Design : 2007
Design team : Manolis Votsis, Dimitra Bouga, Ioulia Drouga, Natassa Fouskokolaki, Niki Georgoulia
Phytotechnical study: Katerina Goltsiou