Kom37-Architects office was founded in 2000. Following previous collaborations in architectural offices and joint participations in architectural competitions, Manolis Votsis, Filippos Gerontakis and Irene Kantiani created the first collaborating scheme of the office. The departure of Irene Kantianis in 2001 was succeeded by the accession of Dimitra Bouga in 2002 and a little later of Antonis Krasas in 2003.
This design scheme, which was preserved for fifteen years, covered almost the entire spectrum of architectural applications. All this time two main goals were claimed and achieved. The first concerns the quality of the architectural design and construction produced. The achievement of this goal is recorded in publications, participation in exhibitions and awards in architectural competitions. The second objective concerns the quality of cooperation both between the members of the cooperating scheme and with the network of external partners. The mutual support, the respect of the collaborators and the creative synthesis of different views and approaches are basic principles, which were supported and applied since the establishment of the office.

The skills of team members and from time to time partners have expanded the possibilities of managing different projects, in scale and content. Recognizing the complexity of the issues, where specialized knowledge and experience is necessary, the cooperation with external partners of various specialties is constantly sought. It was on this basis that the KOM37 Network was created.

The office gained recognition with the implementation of a series of restoration projects of monuments and listed buildings as well as configurations of outdoor and play areas. One of the most complex and comprehensive projects we managed was the preparation of the Draft General Provision for the protection and promotion of the Tatoi estate.

Today KOM37-Architects remain in their original headquarters, in Neapolis, Athens, and consist of Manolis Votsis, Antonis Krasas, and a flexible and constantly enriched network of collaborators.